About Doppelskope

 Doppelskope creates highly visual and interactive comedies that explore topics ranging from existential dread to ecological crises. We believe that the stories we tell about the world can change the world. We believe that audience interaction empowers people to be active participants in the world. We believe in the intelligence of children and the whimsy of adults. Our shows celebrate life and inspire connection, discovery and community. 

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The DoppelGang

Ora Fruchter (Co-Artistic Director, Co-Founder)

Ora is a Brooklyn-based puppeteer, performer, director, writer and educator. She is Doppelskope's puppet designer and she directs our family shows. Her puppeteer credits include HERE Arts Center, La MaMa and St. Ann’s Warehouse. Ora is also the creator of Yellow Sneaker Puppets and taught the Puppetry, Clown and Devising class at Muhlenberg College. www.orafruchter.com 


Christopher Scheer (Co-Artistic Director, Co-Founder)

 Chris is an actor, puppeteer, writer, clown, magician and acrobat. He has NYC credits at Theater for the New City, La MaMa, Dixon Place, The Tank and the PIT. Chris is also a resident performer at Lost Nation Theater and Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre. His notable puppetry credits include X-Tink-Shun (a co-production of The Jim Henson Company and Philadelphia Zoo) and Banksy’s Sirens of the Lambs. www.scheerbrilliance.com 

Toby Singer (Resident Composer)

 Toby is a composer and playwright who specializes in earworms. Outside of The Grilogy, recent compositional work includes Debate Team (which debuted at the 2016 Fort Worth Fringe Festival); Wicked Frozen (w/ Zoe Farmingdale, a Time Out New York critic's pick in 2014), and South by South Death (w/ Jared Saltiel, debuted at National Sawdust in 2016). Toby was trained at the University of Michigan School of Music. www.tobysinger.com


The name Doppelskope is a misspelled portmanteau of “doppelganger telescope” (imagine a telescope so powerful you can see the back of your own head). 

Doppelskope is the creative partnership between Ora Fruchter, Christopher Scheer and Toby Singer.

Chris and Ora started as an experimental performance duo that made open-hearted new theatre to approach life’s darkest problems through comedy. Toby then added his diverse musical expertise and together we created three off- the-wall, family-friendly, fairytale musicals. These shows explore environmental justice (Gruff!), the relationship between humans and technology (Grimm!), and the complex social ramifications of commerce (Growl!). They’re also uproarious comedies that highlight our unique hybrid of clown theatre and inventive puppetry.

Gruff!, Grimm!, and Growl! (“The Grilogy”) premiered at Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre from 2014-2016. This spring Doppelskope is launching the NYC premiere of Gruff! while licensees in Indiana and Maryland mount their own productions from The Grilogy.

Photos by Eric Michael Pearson