Alternative Shows

Doppelskope's alternative shows are intended for adult audiences. 


An Existential Sing-Along

How do you choose to define real experience? What happens to us when we die? How many jelly beans are in this jar?  

In An Existential Sing-Along, Doppelskope aggressively answers none of these questions, but they do use puppetry, clown, magic and music to explore what children and adults have in common in terms of obsession, anxiety, and uncertainty. They also flirt shamelessly with the audience. 

An Existential Sing-Along was Doppelskope's first collaboration and it's our signature piece.  The Sing-Along started at tinyDANGEROUSfun in Brooklyn.  It has also played at the PIT and Puppet BloK in NYC as well as at the New Orleans Fringe Festival, and in New Mexico at the Cell Theatre and Penasco Theatre. 


The Apocalypse Show

"Like a trip down memory lane for someone with amnesia"

The end of the world and the dissolution of self!   Doppelskope confronts the most horrifying of questions in the most absurd and playful way possible, using their signature and innovative hybrid of puppetry, magic, clown, and physical theatre.

The dark, urgent sequel to An Existential Sing-Along - it’s time for these clowns to get serious.


Shrink: Puppet Therapy

One puppet improv show will accomplish what it would take a lifetime to work out in regular therapy. The licensed metaphysicians of Doppelskope are ready to solve all of your problems using multiple styles of puppetry and improv. Let puppets fix your life.

Photos by Eric Michael Pearson